Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gluten Free San Francisco

I went to San Francisco with a list of several restaurants that were gluten free friendly.

We ate at none of them. Mostly we snacked at museums where we did have some nice salads and tea (and Kettle chips). The rest of the time we had snacks on the concierge floor of the Hyatt Regency on Drumm Street, which had a wonderful view and was okay for breakfast, but was iffy on the dinner time gluten free snacks – think raw veggies and cheese – and some nice Chateau St. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finally on the last night, we had a restaurant meal. We went to Kincaid's which is on the water and near the airport and our hotel. The view was lovely and I was feeling adventurous. I had been seeing the word “sriracha” bandied about in magazines, so I chose the sriracha seasoned Ahi and Albacore Duo off the menu, a dish that our server pronounced "guaranteed gluten free”. It was quite tasty. There were little fish roe on the plain rice. ( I would say that was “caviar”, wouldn't you?) The albacore “poke” was served on Boston lettuce and had a distinctive peanut butter flavor.

Steve had the Cioppino Mussels, which we requested without bread, and I did not even ask about the french fries. I just didn't eat them. The mussels were a little bit spicy for my taste, but I did have a few, just to check them out. With our dinners we had a Chateau Ste.Michelle Riesling, which we both enjoyed. No dessert. We went back to the hotel and drank tea and ate some very excellent chocolates that I had purchased at the Farmer's Market in the Ferry Building.

Probably I should do a separate post about the Mariposa Bakery (of Oakland), but I will just summarize here that they had a booth at the Ferry Building's.' Farmer's Marker, and their Cinnamon Toast Biscotti is to die for.

Places I didn't get to but had hoped for:

Hot Spud 2640 Mason St. Ph: 415-399-1065

Zadin 4029 18th St. Ph: 415-626-2260 –

Om Shen Tea Room 233 14th St. Ph:888-747-8327

Ristorante Bacco 737 Diamond St. Ph: 415-282-4969 -