Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gluten Free in Hershey, PA

I love Hershey, PA.  We drive through it on our way to see my husband's grandmother, and we always stop at Chocolate World.  But I have a new reason for thinking Hershey is the "sweetest place on Earth": Pizza Sorrento!  Their gluten free menu is the most extensive I have ever seen, including SIX dessert options.  They have GF bread, GF sandwiches, GF pasta, GF ravioli, GF risotto, GF pizza, GF crab cakes, and the list goes on and on.

I had the GF lasagna, since that is something I never get unless I make it myself.  It was very good.  They brought me crunchy baguettes to go with it, and olive oil to dip it in.  I had a real Italian meal -- wine, pasta, and bread, for the first time in years.

When it was time for desert, I was paralyzed by the decision.  I ended up ordering two desserts, plus dictating what desert my husband was to order.  I ordered tiramisu because I have never seen a gluten free version of that before.  It was good, but it didn't have as much coffee/kahlua taste as I remember "real" tiramisu having.  It was more whipped cream and cookies.  Very very tasty whipped cream and cookies, but not really tiramasu.

I had better luck with my other choice: Homemade Panna Cotta.  It was a creamy, silky smooth, yummy vanilla custard, not too sweet, served with berries.  Wow!  Talk about perfect!

My husband "ordered" (at my insistence) the Dark Rum Chocolate Mousse.  It was incredibly rich and decadent.  Hubby and the kids loved it, though I prefer slightly less sweet desserts.

I am seriously considering another trip to Hershey, just so  can try the raviolis and the ricotta sponge cake.  Pizza Sorrento is definitely worth the trip if you are in Hershey!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Gluten Free at the Aurora Inn

The Aurora Inn is a beautiful inn and a  landmark in Aurora, NY, the home of Wells College, one of the first women's colleges in the U.S.  It was recently renovated and is a gorgeous place to eat.  The Inn is located above the water on the East side of Lake Cayuga in the Finger Lakes.

One night we boated over and docked at the Inn's private dock and walked up the recently installed flight of steps to the Inn. It was a wonderful night and we could have eaten outside, but the sun was a little bright on the patio, so we sat at a corner table indoors with a bit of a view towards the lake.  The server told me I could have any of the three entrees I was pondering. I chose the salmon which was excellent. I also had an appetizer -- because I could! It was a simple and tasty crab salad served over asparagus. We had asparagus as a side too, but one person ordered ratatouille, and I was so glad. All the side portions are big enough to share, and the ratatouille was about the best I've had.  Other people at the table were brought bread, but I was brought my own scone, and it was warm and delicious. I ate it all, but that was now way too much food, so no dessert, and I had to waddle back to the boat.  A splendid sunset lit the way back to the other side.  A fabulous night! Absolutely gluten free dining-- and spectacular.  That's the way it's done, folks!