Friday, November 20, 2015

GF Kicks on Route 66

Just before Thanksgiving, we took a trip to the Grand Canyon where we had had a marvelous dinner at the historic El Tovar hotel and restaurant.  The next day we drove through the little town of Williams, Arizona. It is a very sweet town and we saw restaurants all around the square, but I didn't feel comfortable looking for a gluten free meal there. As we drove out of town on Route 66, I was beginning to think that maybe we should skip lunch. Then we passed a lime green building with oversize Christmas ornaments in its window boxes and something about it drew me. The restaurant's name?  Kicks on Route 66!  Inside they were decked out for Christmas with mercury glass trees on all the tables, a very large tree, and Christmas songs playing in the background.

It was a very pleasant surprise to find that there were many items that the menu indicated could be prepared gluten free. It was a hard choice, but the chance to have a chicken sandwich, on a bun, not lettuce, overwhelmed me and that's what I chose. I had to pass on the home made potato chips which looked really good, as they didn't have a dedicated fryer. Instead I had cole slaw, which was of course better for me anyway.  

I wasn't too well behaved though. I did have the ever ubiquitous crème brulee for dessert. Got my kicks on Route 66.