Friday, February 14, 2014

Gluten Free in Smithville NJ

On a really frigid night in February I went with some friends to the Smithville Inn in Smithville, NJ, not too far from Atlantic City. I wish it had been daylight and summer because the setting is a really sweet little village of shops on a small lake. The shops were all lit up with white lights, but I don't think that many, if any, were open, and it was so cold, I don't think I would have wanted to wander around anyway. But, maybe one of these days, I can check it out in better weather and daylight. The Inn itself is a very old building from the late 1700's and had heavy beams and looked pre-Revolutionary. We sat in the Tavern (it was a Saturday night and the main dining area was really crowded) and that made the atmosphere even more Colonial.

It put me off a little bit that our server said to me, when I told her that I had to eat gluten free, that I would probably know better than she would, what I could eat. Red flag! But I picked an entree that looked promising, and she said that she would ask the chef. The dinner that I chose was salmon with a tomato cream sauce, served with jasmine rice and my perennial favorite, spinach! It was all excellent. The spinach went right up there with some of the finer spinach presentations I have known, but the clear winner of the evening was the tomato cream sauce. The best ever. My intentions are to try and duplicate it. Honestly, it isn't what I would have looked for with salmon, but, Wow!