Wednesday, April 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorites things...

My mother-in-law has asked for a list of my favorite gluten-free products, so I thought I'd share it with everyone.

Sandy's Must-Haves -- if I run out of these, it's an emergency.

Chebe cheese bread mix
Udi’s Bagels ( I am ADDICTED to these)
Whole Foods store brand Prairie Bread
Pamela’s “Pancake and Baking” Mix
Tinkyada Rice Pasta
Pacific brand chicken stock

Sandy's Favorite treats

Shar crackers or breadsticks -- expensive, but delicious
K-Toos -- like an oreo
Pandero tapioca cookies (I’m having trouble finding these lately)-- when I want Milano cookies, I eat the plain Panderos with a piece of chocolate. It's pretty close. When I want Famous Amos cookies, I get the chocolate chip Panderos.
Kinnikinnick breads -- a good alternative if I can't get Prarie Bread. All of their breads are pretty good, but I especially like the Cheese Tapioca.
Kinnikinnick Cinnamon sugar donuts -- a cake-like donut, it reminds me of the ones I used to get in the dorm in college, so it's got happy associations for me.
Kinnikinnick Chocolate Dipped donuts -- this tastes like those little chocolate covered donuts you get in vending machines.
Kinnikinnick chocolate cake mix -- there are several good chocolate cake mixes, but this one is my favorite. Unfortunately, it's hard to find.


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