Saturday, August 21, 2010

On the Road Again

I am back on the road, traveling from Upstate New York to Texas. Eating on the road is always a problem, so I made sure to pack a lot of food to take with me.

First, let me say that squeezing slices of lime into one's beverage can while driving is difficult. On the other hand, when I decided that maybe I needed a glass to put the drink and the lime slices in, I was confronted with another problem -- driving with one hand and pouring a drink I couldn't really look at with the other. I don't know which is harder. Maybe next time I will just throw the lime out instead of trying to rescue it from the refrigerator on the way to a road trip.

The first day out I ate only what I packed. I had cheese and turkey and toasted gf bread; I had deviled eggs and tuna salad; I had lots of Club Sodas (with lime slices!) and I had the giant bag of M&M's -- as well as some very nice coconut chocolate chip meringues that I made myself on the way out of town. It probably was not a good idea to get the big bag of M&M's -- still I had plenty left for the second day. The second day I threw out the leftover tuna salad and the last egg and lived solely on cheese and Glutino crackers (and of course M&M's), but I knew that I had a reservation for dinner in Memphis at Amerigo's on Ridgeway in the Germantown area.

The restaurant was only about a mile and a half from the hotel (which I picked because it was only a mile and a half from Amerigo's). I put the address in the GPS and drove over, but was startled to see that the address was for PF Chang's where I had eaten when I came through Memphis in May! How could that happen? I had entered the right address, I was sure! And I had -- Amerigo's is in the same shopping center as PF Chang's.

The restaurant had a very warm feeling to it, and I had an excellent meal. It was one of the Specials -- and was not on the printed GF Menu that I was given at the door. It was Chilean Sea Bass served on a cedar plank with some potatoes that were sort-of-kind-of mashed, but not completely, and some roasted vegetables -- Zucchini, Squash, and Red Peppers. The meal arrived really quickly and very hot. Marvelous. I had coffee and ice cream afterwards, but I should have skipped it. Too many calories and not impressive. If I am in Memphis again though, I will go back to Amerigo's. If you go, make a reservation, and go early. It was not crowded and the food arrived extra fast. I hardly had time to regret that I did not bring something to read.


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