Friday, March 18, 2011

Riverwalk Adventure

When we went to the wedding that Sandy blogged about we stayed on the Riverwalk. For dinner the night we arrived we went to Fogo de Chao where almost nothing is glutened, but lunch the next day was a bit tougher. We ate on the Riverwalk at Rio Rio -- and we ate at high noon -- on a Saturday -- during Spring Break. Those are not good omens for the gluen free, and they were not good for us. "We don't serve your kind" was what they told us; but ultimately they agreed to make some fresh corn tortillas and serve some frijoles refritos. That was my daughter's order, but she shared. For insurance, I also ordered some steamed vegetables (which turned out to be underdone for my taste -- my daughter and I ate okay -- we did not get sick. It was frustrating; it was scary -- but with a bit of perseverance, we made it!


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