Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gluten Free in Keystone, Colorado

For Thanksgiving the family went to Keystone Colorado so that the kids (and the guys) could ski. We had as close to a traditional Thanksgiving as we could, considering that they were out of turkeys in the grocery store in Dillon. What we had were turkey breast fillets which we made into sauteed medallions and served with a GF turkey gravy (we brought a gravy mix with us).  We were also able to have some green beans cooked with a little ham and chicken bouillon since we had also brought GF bouillon packets. We also made mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and applesauce. We would have had cranberry sauce, but both of us forgot that we had put it in the refrigerator, and didn't give it a thought until Friday. Oh well!

All other meals save one were also at the house we had rented (five minutes from the ski school and ski lift at River Run). The one meal we ate out was in Breckenridge at The Hearthstone. The temperature was in the single digits when we took the dam road in to Breckenridge, driving into a wonderfully Christmasy town under a beautiful crescent moon. The Hearthstone has a gluten free menu, for which we were enormously grateful, and there were several options for appetizers and entrees. Cathy tried the ahi tuna and the prosciutto wrapped bacon appetizers – both good, and the cedar planked salmon which came with a very light citrusy glaze and was served with green beans and tasty little hash browned potatoes.

Sandy had the Prime Rib served with Vermont cheddar potatoes au gratin and creamed spinach.  It was delicious, but had to be served without the au jus, as that wasn't gluten free.  (That probably should have been mentioned on the menu, since au jus is kind of integral to a prime rib.  Oh, well.)

There were a couple of dessert choices – Cathy went the safe route and had the ubiquitous crème brulee. (We eat a lot of creme brulee -- it's one of the few desserts that is widely available and almost always gluten free.) This one proved to be very rich and creamy and worth the calories.  

Sandy chose the "banana split."  It wasn't really a banana split -- more like a deconstructed sundae.  It featured a vanilla gelato with bowls of caramelized bananas and a coconut rum chocolate sauce served on the side.  It was also supposed to come with macadamia nuts, but for some reason they were left off, and we didn't remember it was supposed to come with nuts until after we had left the restaurant.  Still, it was nice to have a different option for a change, and she really liked the caramelized bananas.  

Sandy had a yogurt parfait at McDonald's at the airport on our way out of town.  (Don't eat the granola -- it's not GF, but it is served in a separate package so there is no cross contamination.)  

Keystone wasn't the most GF friendly destination in the world, but we got by and ended up having a really wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cathy and Sandy   

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