Monday, July 14, 2014

Gluten Free at the Ithaca Bakery

Following internet recommendations, I headed for the Ithaca Bakery while vacationing on Cayuga Lake.  Though I've spent a lot of time in this region, I had never eaten there before, and with htree kids in tow, it seemed likely to have enough variety to make everyone happy.

My initial impression was not positive. The store seemed crowded and disorganized.  The four of us sat at a little table that would barely have been adequate for two.  I had trouble figuring out what was gluten free and what was not, and the signage in general was very confusing.

The food, however, was very good.  I had a BLT on a gluten free bagel.  The menu said "aioli dressing and avocado" came on the sandwich.  Unless there was a smidgen of avocado in the aioli, there wasn't any on my sandwich.  I was going to complain, but then I took a bite of the sandwich and decided that it was perfect the way it was.  The bagel was thin enough to be good for a sandwich, and toasted just enough to have crunch without being hard.  Yum.

My son had roast beef and scrambled eggs on a bagel, my daughter had chicken soup (not gluten free), and my nephew had a roast beef sandwich.  Everyone was happy with their meal.

We also had some shakes, but they took so long to make that we ended up getting them just as we were finishing up our lunch.  My daughter had an espresso peanut butter cup shake, which was delicious, and I had a Banana Dana smoothie, which was a little gritty.

All in all, it was a good choice for lunch with kids in tow, but not a "not to be missed" experience.

I am hopeful that next year we will get to try the Waffle Frolic on State Street, but they were closed for renovations during our vacation.


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