Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thirsty Owl Revisited

One of our favorite places to visit in the summer is Thirsty Owl Winery on Cayuga Lake in Ovid, NY.  In addition to their excellent wines (and owl-themed souvenirs) they also have a lovely bistro open for lunch (and dinner on the weekends).
Marisa displays some owl-themed merchandise
Cathy says:
The Bistro at Thirsty Owl Winery in the Finger Lakes Region of NY has a new chef.  His name is Sean Agate and he is a wonderful addition to the area if you are eating gluten free -- or if you are not.  In the past six weeks I have eaten at The Bistro five times and have had a spectacular meal every time.  My personal favorite is the scallops.  There are three very large scallops topped with a tiny bit of caviar.  The vegetable garnishes and the sauce are works of art, tasty and fun to look at. There is also salmon on the menu as red snapper. There is a sirloin serving too, if you are looking for beef.  I admit that I would have liked one of the pulled pork sandwiches and the salted caramel ice cream, neither gluten free, but I cannot complain that I did not eat well at every meal. The Bistro is only open 11:00 to 5:00 Sunday through Thursday, and open till 7:00 on Friday and Saturday.

Scallops at Thirsty Owl Bistro
Sandy says:
I love sitting on the deck at the Thirsty Owl Bistro.  They had some interesting drinks that I considered trying, but in the end I stuck with my favorite wine: Diamond.  This is not a wine for those who like dry, fancy wines.  This is more of a "welch's grape juice with a kick" kind of wine.  Very sweet and fruity, perfect for sipping on a porch on a warm summer's day.
Sandy on the deck at Thirsty's
I wasn't very hungry the day were were there, so I opted for a light lunch of Creamy Roasted Potato Soup.  It was delicious -- perfect to just get a little something in your belly before moving on the wine tasting.  
Soup at Thirsty Owl Bistro

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