Friday, September 30, 2011

We'll Always Have Paris

For awhile I thought I would not have anything to write about my most recent trip to Las Vegas. The first night it was too late to eat anything, and the second day we ate a late lunch at Outback and we were going to a show anyway, so we didn't have dinner that night either. (Thank you, Outback, for being there, but your steadfastness and reliability was not what I was looking for.)

On the last night, we took two other couples to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Paris, which they had not been to before. Everyone had steak, except me. I had the most spectacular sea bass with smoked tomato quinoa. Wow! I ate every bite. It was one of the best Vegas meals I have had on any trip. There were three sides to share, but I could only eat the green beans with almonds, which were very nicely done and I didn't really need much else. I had had an appetizer before the meal, which was the Maine Peekey Toe Crab Salad and it was absolutely perfect. Two of us opted for dessert and instead of the ubiquitous crème brulee, I chose the mango meringue, which was a bit like a Baked Alaska, diced mango and ice cream on a meringue wafer, smothered in a soft meringue and then baked. I could leave Vegas feeling like I had accomplished something, especially since I “reinvested” the ten dollars I won on the Wizard of Oz penny machine at TI instead of quitting while I was ahead.


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