Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bianelli's Pizza

We had a long day of travel on Friday and had 5 cranky children with us at the rental house in Kona, so we decided that pizza was in order. Mark and I drove down to Bianelli's Pizza in Keauhou and put in a carry-out order. While our pizza's baked, we went next door to the KTA and did some grocery shopping. Bianelli's smells amazing. I just wanted to stand there in the restaurant sniffing the air. Mmmmmm..... The non-gluten eaters assure me that the pizza didn't disappoint, however, the gluten free pizza was lackluster. I ordered two pizzas -- one with pesto sauce and chicken; the other with regular sauce and canadian bacon. The pesto one was inedible -- the sauce was too dry and salty. The regular sauce was pretty good and the crust, while super thin, was tasty and had a nice crunch. It was a good solution for the cranky kid problem, but we probably won't order pizza again on this trip. Sandy

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