Monday, April 8, 2013

Gluten Free on the Disney Dream

Anchors Away!  This was my second cruise with Disney, and this time I took my sisters-in-law with me.  We did the 3-day Bahamas itinerary and has a great time.

Disney is always great when it comes to gluten free, and the cruise line is no exception.  The cruise isn't always a celiac foodie's dream come true, but the bottom line is that they go out of their way to protect you and you will have plenty of choices.

Rotational Dining
At the Animators Palette, I had a delicious tomato salad and a lemon-thyme marinated chicken breast.  The only dessert they offered me was Rice Dream, but I happened to know that Mickey Bars are GF, so I asked for one of those instead.

At the Enchanted Garden, I had the tomato soup and an excellent pork tenderloin with polenta cakes and sauteed carrots and apples.  They served me a "special" GF chocolate dome dessert that night, which was truly beautiful, but tasted truly awful.  

Pork Tenderloin at the Enchanted Garden

Chocolate Dome Dessert 

At the Royal Palace, I had the duck with pomegranate sauce, cauliflower soup (minus the croutons), and lamb with a dijon crust.  The lamb was incredible, though the au gratin potatoes it came with left a lot to be desired.  I had the creme brulee for desert, which was very good.

One odd note -- the tapioca rolls that are served on all the Disney ships and in the Disney parks are pretty tasty... if they are heated properly.  They were not heated properly on any of the nights I was there.  They were probably run through a broiler -- they were hot and crunchy on top, but pasty and cold on the bottom, rendering them pretty much inedible.  


The Enchanted Garden serves a breakfast buffet.  We had some problems with the server, but finally found someone on the buffet line that told me I could order a made-to-order omelette from the server.  That was very helpful, as it was obvious there was a lot of cross-contamination on the buffet line.  

Some food from the buffet line at The Enchanted Garden
Beautiful berries from the buffet line

The Royal Palace has an "a la cart" sit-down breakfast.  I pre-ordered some GF donuts the night before and the waiter brought them to my table for breakfast.  They were Kinickinick brand, so they were very good.  I also ordered the Big Breakfast with was an omelette served with bacon and baked beans.  Very yummy.

On the final morning, you are assigned to a restaurant at 6:45 am, after which they promptly kick you off the ship.  Having done that last time we cruised, I was looking for an alternative.  So instead, we went up to Cabanas for breakfast, where I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and grilled tomatoes.  I didn't bother looking for a chef to help me; the emphasis at that point is on getting everyone off the ship, so I just stuck to things that looked safe.  By bypassing the official breakfast, and eating at  the buffet instead, we were able to stay on the ship until 8 am.  

Castaway Cay

My server had me pre-order a lunch for Castaway Cay, as the standard bbq meal served there is not GF.  They didn't have a list of entrees to choose from, just sort of said "what do you want?"  After I asked for some suggestions, my waiter and I decided on Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken.  It was good, but needed salt.  Castaway Cay also has plenty of fruit and chips available (for free), so you won't go hungry while you are there. 


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