Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney Dining -- Captain's Grille at the Yacht Club

For our first morning in Disney World, we planned a breakfast at the Captain's Grille in the Yacht Club portion of the Yacht and Beach Club hotel.  We don't often eat breakfast in the park, because we prefer to get into the park the minute it opens, but we were heading to Epcot, which didn't open until 9 am that day.  So we had plenty of time to eat breakfast.

I picked the Captain's Grille for two reasons.  1) We were staying at the Beach Club, so it was very convenient. 2) They had a very interesting menu.

I knew my son Colin would go for the lobster omelette, which he did.  I thought my teenage daughter would choose the dark chocolate waffles, but she decided to go with the buffet instead.  In fact, everyone except me and Colin chose the buffet!  (We had Grammie, Grandpa, and my husband with us too.)  Colin and I were incredulous.  Colin said that he could eat in this restaurant every day of the trip and order something new off the menu, there were that many things he wanted to try.

Gluten Free Pancakes with Blueberry Compote and Citrus Pudding

While the rest of the group went off to the rather pedestrian buffet (scrambled eggs, grits, and mickey waffles... yawn), Colin and I ordered off the menu.  Chef Ron came out to talk with me and I quizzed him about the pancakes.  Frankly, I've eaten great GF pancakes, and I've eaten lousy ones; so I asked him what he thought of the GF pancakes -- were they any good?  He said they were and that they use Bob's Red Mill mix.  So I ordered a modified version of the Lemon-Ricotta hotcakes by substituting the ricotta pancake for a GF one, but giving me the accompanying blueberry compote and citrus pudding.   It was fantastic.  Absolutely to die for.  The pancakes themselves were decent, but the compote and pudding made it really special.  They were just the right combination of tangy and sweet. The accompanying potatoes were also good.  The orange juice was so-so, watered down like most of the juices in Disney World, so if I had it to do all over again, I would order the exact same thing, except I'd go with tea or water instead of juice.  

By the way, Colin reports that his lobster omelette was incredible.  There were huge pieces of lobster in it.  I never asked if it was GF, as I don't like seafood, but it certainly looked good.


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