Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disney Dining -- Lunch at the Prime Time Cafe

We were at Disney Hollywood Studios on a Star Wars Weekend and it was super crowded, but fortunately we had made our dining reservations in advance (as we always do for Disney World trips) and were eating lunch at the Prime Time Cafe.

The rope drop was at 8 am that morning, so we had no time for breakfast.  I had a hard boiled egg and some juice I bought at the Beach Club Marketplace (a combination gift shop/ quick service/ convenience store) and away we went.  Knowing that we wouldn't be eating much breakfast, we scheduled an early lunch at 11 am.

We have been to Disney World many times (somewhere around 10 times, I think), but we had never eaten at the Prime Time Cafe.  The primary reason for that is the 50's theme is carried over to the waiter/ waitresses who play mom and dad and scold you if you don't eat your vegetables.  We aren't the type who thinks that is funny (we also don't like restaurants that are rude as part of their shtick), so we stayed clear.  What drew me in this time, though, was the rumor of gluten free chicken pot pie.  Mmmmmm.

Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

The restaurant is supposed to remind you of a family living room in the 1950's, with televisions, couches, and tacky macrame wall hangings.  Our waiter soft peddled the dad-routine, probably sensing that we weren't really into it, and Chef Eddie was a total professional when he came out to go over the menu with me.  Sure enough, the pot pie filling is gluten free.  They normally put a piece of puff pastry on top, but for the gluten free version, they serve it with a slice of Udi's toast.  It was very yummy, though it did have more onions and mushrooms than I would prefer.  I had a moment of panic when I got a bite of bread from the bottom of the bowl, but it was just a second piece of Udi's that they had ladled the filling over.

I was able to eat a dessert off the menu (the dessert menu is presented on a View Master toy, by the way); it was a crustless (and sugarless) cheesecake with a strawberry sauce.  An excellent dessert, and I could not tell that it was sugar free.  It did not have that artificial taste that you get with sweeteners.  A very enjoyable meal from a restaurant we thought we would not like.
Sugarless Cheesecake


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