Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney Dining -- Dinner at Ohana

We last went to Ohana in 2010.  I was very impressed the last time we were there, so I had high expectations, but sadly they fell short this time.
Fire pit at Ohana 

As always, the Polynesian is a wonderful oasis.  Truly one of the best themed Disney resorts.  The atmosphere at Ohana is upbeat and fun.  The best part is when they gather all the "keikis" (kids) to participate in the Coconut Races.  The children have to push the coconut around the restaurant with a broom.  (I actually witnessed one mom with a toddler pushing the broom herself and saying to her son "faster, faster" as the poor kid was towed along side her.  Some parents just don't get it.)
Colin in the Coconut Race

The kitchen, however, was off it's game.  They brought my salad out three times, only to whisk it away again, as they realized they hadn't done everything on the GF checklist.  This is a family-style restaurant, so that means the rest of my family was waiting on their salad as well.  Since there were 5 other people at my table, it would probably have been better to leave the salad and say "I'm not sure that's safe for you, let me get you another one."

They had a special order of chicken wings for me, which were good; but the dipping sauces I remember liking the last time I was there did not seem the same.  They were ok, but not great.

GF Chicken Wings at Ohana
The wonderful individual chicken, beef, and pork skewers I was served the last time I was here was replaced by an unattractive skewer of unseasoned chicken.  It had black pepper on it, and nothing else.  I know it was served on top of a bowl of something, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.  Rice? Veggies?  Obviously it wasn't memorable.  I was able to have the same beef and shrimp that was brought for everyone else.

The meal includes dessert, and while everyone else ate bread pudding, I got a brownie with ice cream.  Probably a win there.  Who wants to eat bread pudding when you could be eating chocolate?

GF Brownie a la Disney World

The drinks at Ohana are fantastic.  The Mai Tai was as good as I remember (and since I remember it as one of the best drinks of all time, that is saying a lot.)  I also got a fantastic drink, served in a pineapple.  So fun!

Fun and fruity drinks at Ohana

I wish I knew if the quality drop was indicative of their usual performance, or if they just had an off night.  Either way, I will probably find myself back at Ohana again on the next trip.  If nothing else, it gives me a chance to soak up the atmosphere and imagine myself in the islands.


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