Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gluten Free in Windsor, England

As our great European adventure began, we started with a layover in London.  My husband and I were in disagreement about the wisdom of leaving the airport during a 5-hour layover, but in the end, he prevailed, and I am so glad he did.

There wasn't nearly enough time to get into the city, so instead we took a cab to Windsor, the official residence of the British Royal Family.  It was about a 20 minute ride from the Heathrow airport.  Our first stop was lunch!  After a 9-hour flight from Dallas, we were starving.  Fortunately, I had done my research and knew we could get a gluten free meal at an authentic English pub.
King and Castle Pub in Windsor

The King and Castle is perfectly situated right across the street from Windsor Castle.  In fact, we had a spectacular view of the castle from our table.

View of Windsor Castle from The King and Castle Pub

Gluten free items on the menu are marked with a G, and there is a nutrition guide available for more details.  I had a "jacket potato" (that's British-speak for a baked potato) with cheese.  They did not skimp on the cheese and it was quite delicious. It came with a side salad as well, which is good as I am trying to increase the veggies in my diet.  I also had a Strongbow Cider (on tap!) which made it feel like a real pub meal.

Jacket Potato at The King and Castle Pub

After lunch, we took a brief tour of Windsor Castle and St. George's Chapel, then headed back to the airport to catch our flight to Switzerland.  Made it back with time to spare!


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