Monday, June 24, 2013

GF Dining -- in a castle!!!

The Burg Colmburg Hotel is a 13th century castle that has been renovated and turned into a hotel.  Can there be anything better than spending the night in a real castle?  It was awesome.

We ate dinner there the night we arrived, and our breakfast was included in the room price.  The dining room  had a medieval feel, without seeming like you were dining in a dungeon.  I did my usual "I must eat gluten free" routine, and they assured me that nearly everything on the menu was gluten free.  I ordered a veal cutlet and potatoes (which of course came with white asparagus!)  It also came with copious amounts of gravy, so I was very nervous and asked the waiter to double check for me. He came back and said it was definitely gluten free, so I ate it.  Ohhhhhh, so delicious.  I very rarely get to have gravy, for obvious reasons. I didn't have any gluten reaction, so the chef was right.  It was probably my most authentic German food on the whole trip.  Yum, yum, yum!

Dining in a castle

The breakfast buffet was good, featuring all the standards we had come to expect -- fruit, brie (and other cheeses), and assortment of cold cuts (much saltier than their American counterparts), and soft boiled eggs.

I highly recommend a stop here.  It was the best hotel we stayed in, and so much fun, not to mention the good food.


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