Sunday, June 23, 2013

Moro's Table in Auburn, NY

Twice in one week I went to Moro's Tables with two different sets of guests. Moro's Table is in Auburn, NY, about a half hour west of Syracuse, and the reason that we were there was that we had play tickets. Auburn has three different venues with different kinds of plays, so these were pre-theater outings.

The first visit I had the cod, and although it was good, it was not a meal I would have blogged about. The second visit though, I had the scallops, which one of my guests the previous weekend had had, and which looked really good. They were more than good. They were one of the best restaurant meals I can remember. The dish comes in either appetizer size or dinner size, and I am so glad that I ordered the dinner size, because it really was spectacular. The maybe half dozen scallops were served atop spaghetti squash with an unusual flavor, almost cinnamony. The whole dish was then perched on slices of potato. Wow! I wonder if I will be able to order anything else after that. I savored every bite.

PS – the play was The Great American Trailer Park Musical – a little edgy, but really fun!


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