Sunday, June 23, 2013

Glutened at Neuschwanstein Castle

I made a rookie mistake in a little diner near Neuschwanstein Castle.  I didn't read the ingredients on a packet of mustard.  I know better, but the chef had said it was gluten free, and I didn't check, even though it was still in a packet with the ingredients on it.  It wasn't even in German.  So I did get slightly sick from the mustard, which I belatedly realized had beer in it.  

The meal wasn't great either.  After difficulty communicating with the waiter, I told the chef I didn't care what he brought me, as long as it was gluten free.  So I got greasy bratwurst with mustard that wasn't gluten free.

If you are looking for a place to eat near Neuschwanstein Castle, I can't recommend Allgauer Stuberl in Hohenschwangau village.  If you know of a better place near there, please post!


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