Monday, July 1, 2013

GF in St. Goar. Germany

The next stop on our Germany adventure was St. Goar on the Rhine River.  I took a German Civ class in college that focused on the economic and cultural importance of the Rhine in German history, so I knew a lot about this region, but I had never actually been there.  Standing there on the river, I felt triumphant that I had finally arrived to see this beautiful place I had studied.  

We stayed at the RomantikHotel Schloss Rheinfels  overlooking the river.  The hotel is adjacent to the ruins of a large and very old castle, and the parts of the ruins have been integrated into the hotel.
Ruins at Schloss Rheinfels

We had a great time exploring the ruins and clambering over walls and through tunnels.  This was a place where the kids could run off a little of their energy, instead of me admonishing them to be quiet.

Gluten Free bread at Auf Scharffneck
The hotel restaurant, Auf Scharffeneck,  had stunning views and excellent food.  In fact, the gluten free bread they brought me here was the best I have ever had.  It actually had the texture of real bread with a flakey crust.  Wow.  

As with the other restaurants, white asparagus was featured prominently on the menu.  (Asparagus season runs from April to July.) Instead of ordering meat with a side of potatoes and asparagus, the menu offered 1/4 pound asparagus and boiled potatoes, and your choice of veal, pork, or steak.  I found it funny to have the meat listed last.  Everyone enjoyed their meal, but the wine was the big highlight of the evening.  We tasted several sweet Rieslings from the nearby Loreley Winery.  They were phenomenal, and we were disappointed to find that they are not available in the United States.  

Beautiful view of the river from Auf Scharfneck Restaurant

We had breakfast in the restaurant the next morning and I asked them to find some more of that gluten free bread for me, which they did.  Mmmmm.  I had fresh warm bread and nutella.  Yum.  I also had the only decent cup of tea I had while I was in Germany.  I am not sure if the Germans aren't tea drinkers, or they just like it a little bitter. Or perhaps I just had really bad luck.  But they made me a pot of tea here that was absolutely perfect.  The buffet had all the usual things on it... juice, fruit, yogurt, cheeses and meats, and breads.  They also made eggs to order.  It was an excellent breakfast and you just can't beat that view.


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