Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Somewhere in my travel research, I encountered the word "Reformhaus."  I had the vague impression that it meant "health food store" and that it was a likely place to get gluten free food.  So, when I happened upon a "Reformhaus" in Baden-Baden, Germany, I stopped in my tracks and dragged the family inside.

It turns out that "Reformhaus" is not a generic name, but rather the name of a chain of health food stores, with almost 3000 locations in Germany and Austria.  The location in Baden-Baden was small, but it had an amazing array of gluten free foods, including six(!!!) shelves devoted to Schar products.

I was like a kid in a candy store.  I bought mostly Schar products, as I know they tend to be pretty good, including some dinner rolls with chocolate chips (wonderful the following morning with Nutella for breakfast). I also got a variety of cookies.  I passed on the chocolate croissants (which looked more like the Pillsbury crescent rolls than a French pastry), but was amazed that such a thing existed.  It was toward the end of our trip, so we loaded up on things that would make good plane snacks.


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