Monday, November 23, 2009

Gluten Free Las Vegas

Last week we went to Las Vegas and then Kingman AZ and the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West and then back to Las Vegas for a couple more days. The challenge: eating gluten free. Thursday night we just skipped dinner because we had eaten on the plane, which meant that I ate the cheese and lettuce out of the first class “snack” , and I think there was some fruit too. I had some mini corn muffins with me which I had made from the Gluten Free Pantry’s Yankee Cornbread mix. I had some grapes too and a couple of tangerines and apples in reserve.

Ate the buffet at Casear’s Palace for breakfast. There was an omelet station. I had some yogurt too and some fruit, juice and tea. Lunch was at Chipotle, down at the Outlet Malls on Las Vegas Blvd. The y understood what they were supposed to about the gloves. It was so nice. Then we headed out of town. Before dinner we went to a little wine bar in Kingman, where we heard an accordion player and had a glass of wine. Had dinner in a wonderful Italian restaurant in Kingman, AZ, Mattina’s Ristorante Italiano, at 318 E. Oak St., well worth going to. They had been warned ahead by some good friends who had made the reservation for us, and were waiting for us. I ate a shrimp appetizer and a fish entree that was maybe a little spicy for my taste, but excellent, washed down with a glass of Riesling. They did not have Riesling by the glass on the menu, but they served it anyway. I was most grateful. The dessert was a killer – crustless cheesecake with caramel and walnuts. I ate it all, in spite of having recently embarked on a semi- Ornish style diet.

Next morning there was a breakfast buffet at the Marriott in Kingman ( a somewhat bizarre hotel that looks like it might have been decorated by an 8th grader who loves lots of aquamarine tones.) I had the ubiquitous hard boiled egg, some yogurt and some rather ordinary fruit—and tea.

No lunch. Ate the leftover tangerine and mini muffins and drank water. We were at the Skywalk, which is an exorbitantly priced, but thrilling, place. Lunch may actually have been included in our ticket. I’m not sure, but didn’t want to chance it.

We stopped at the Bonefish Grille in Henderson on the way back in to Las Vegas, another great choice, and my favorite meal of the trip Bonefish is owned by the same group that has Outback and Carrabba’s, so they had a gluten free menu and were very knowledgeable. I drank a Mojito with the excellent Chilean Sea Bass and nicely done vegetables. No dessert, but later in the evening we had some tea and a bit of chocolate (Dagoba).

There is a buffet in the NYNY, but I am not recommending it. It was pretty pricey for the yogurt and fruit, with juice and tea. The next two mornings I went into the little Essentials store near the pool and bought a yogurt and orange juice for five dollars, made tea in my room and bought some scones at Whole Foods which is down Las Vegas Blvd at Town Square, not too far from Chipotle’s, where we once again had lunch. Incidentally, Las Vegas does not encourage anyone making tea or coffee in their room. There is no coffee maker in any of the ordinary rooms in Las Vegas. (Our friends had a penthouse suite and they had a whole kitchen, as well as a dining room.) I carry a mug, tea bags, sugar and a heating coil with me. The coils are no longer obtainable (or at least, I have not been able to obtain one), so when it dies, I’m toast (gluten free toast).

Dinner that night was at Hugo’s Cellar, which was quite lovely. Hugo’s gives all the ladies in the party a rose, and they make the salads individually at the table, quite lavish. It could have been (quite probably should have been) a meal in itself. I had another fish dish, this one en papillote, which they cooked in a saute pan at the table. Quite elegant. They had some little desserts on a communal plate included with the dinner, but I didn’t trust them. Then we all went out to Fremont Street and watched the canopy video for awhile (the song at the top of the hour was American Pie) and the spray painter. One couple got a cartoon drawing done of themselves.

No lunch the last day either, after scones, juice and yogurt for breakfast. I was too busy shopping for a Dali print at the Fashion Show Mall. I didn’t see too much in the way of eateries in there, though I think I have read on someone’s post that The Capitol Grill will accommodate gluten free diners.

Crackers and potato chips on the flight back and a tiny nibble of Parmesan cheese that I bought at Whole Foods. Ate the shrimp and some of the lettuce out of the first class (got bumped both ways!) salad and some ordinaryish fruit. Drank club soda. Off the plane in time to go home and have supper. What did we eat? I forget. The trip was over. Back to reality.


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