Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gluten Free Lunch is Hard

Most cities have nice places where a celiac can eat dinner. Some of them are chains like Outback and some of them are privately owned; but dinners seem easier to obtain than lunch. Lunch is hard! Very near where I work though is a Pappadeaux, and they are open for lunch. Consequently, although it is a pretty expensive way to do lunch (I had the Hudson Bay Platter a couple of weeks ago. It is not a lunch item), I eat there every week or so. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I ate there twice! Lunch and Dinner. As it happened, Pappadeaux was having their big Lobster Fest – all you can eat lobster tails for dinner. What's a body to do? I had to go back! Unfortunately, my lunch was way too good, and I didn't have room to get my money's worth at dinner. In fact, I probably should have skipped dinner all together.

So what did I have for lunch?
First my husband ordered oysters on the half shell, and there was an add-on of boiled shrimp available, so I had the add-on shrimp. Then I ordered the oven baked citrus tilapia topped with shrimp. It was a large portion, nicely cooked, and it was terrific; the shrimp were outstanding as well. I was not able to eat more than a few of the green beans they made special for me, since I cannot have the dirty rice which comes with the fish.

I can't emphasize enough how diligent the staff is at Pappadeaux. They are very attentive to food allergies, and a little while back when there was a mistake in my entree, they did not charge us for it. On another occasion when there was a mistake made, they gave me a second entree which I took home for later. Mistakes do happen. We order entrees that have to be tweaked. That can throw a kitchen off center. Attitude and service make the difference. I love going to Pappadeaux. They make me feel welcome. They work hard at trying to feed me food that will not hurt me. They prepare very tasty dishes. Yay Papaadeaux!


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