Monday, November 23, 2009

Gluten Free Pizza

I am currently in love... with Boston's pizza. Boston's is a pizza chain with locations throughout the U.S., including one near me in McKinney, Texas. This is my family's new hang-out. They will make almost any of their pizza's on a gluten free crust. I have been enjoying the Hawaiian (canadian bacon and pineapple) too much to try any of the others, but eventually I will get around to trying the Chicken BBQ pizza.
This is real pizza. Not a frost-bitten substitute pulled out of a freezer. They use the same sauce, the same cheese, the same toppings as they do for their "regular" pizzas. (They do use separate utensils and cutting boards in the kitchen to avoid cross-contamination.) The crust is a "thin-crust" style and is tasty.
There is just something really satisfying about being able to go to a pizza joint and have a real pizza at a place where the whole family can order something they want. It makes me feel "normal."

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