Sunday, July 18, 2010

GF in Manchester, New Hampshire

For lunch, my mother in law made me a fantastic sandwich on a Schar bun. I mention this because it was a lot better than hamburger for dinner at 99 in Manchester, NH.

99 is a chain restaurant that has a gluten-free menu. I asked for, and received, a copy of the gluten-free menu at the podium. It was a pretty good selection -- hamburgers on a gluten free bun (more on that later), prime rib, steak, and salmon. Sides included garlic mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, or a baked potato. They also offered an ice-cream sundae for dessert. Child's portions of the steak were available.

I ordered the bacon cheese "steakburger" and I was excited to have a hamburger on an actual bun. Unfortunately, the bun was crumbly and dry. I do give them points for having a bun at all, but gluten-free has come a long way recently, as my Schar bun at lunch shows. Udi's makes fantastic bread and bagels, and I recently had dinner at a restaurant near Dallas (Boomerjacks) that had one of the best chicken sandwiches I ever tasted -- on a gluten free bun. So I think the days of crumbly hamburger buns should be over.

The burger itself was tasty, but a bit greasy. However, the star of the show wasn't on the GF menu -- it was on the drink menu. My mojito was excellent!

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