Sunday, July 4, 2010

Going to the Dogs – Or Americana Gluten Free

The last week of June, the Cayuga Wine Trail in the Finger Lakes of NY had their Grapehound Festival. I bid on five items in the Silent Auction to help spur things on. I “won” all five items! One of them was a gift certificate to the Crystal Lake Cafe at the Americana Winery.

Steve and I went there for dinner on July the 3rd. It was the slow hour and we were the only people in the restaurant, which is open till 8:00 pm. We got there just before five. The restaurant does not look fancy, but the food is all made fresh there at the cafe.

I have eaten there before and they were very helpful about the gluten free diet. I asked if I could have the mussels, the seafood stew and the veggie kabobs over a salad, and they said I could. Steve and I shared the mussels, and I was beginning to think maybe I should not have also ordered the stew, but in fact, the stew was stupendous (pun intended). It had a couple mussels in it too, but also some salmon and a couple of shrimp. It was really really delicious.

The salad was also just exactly the way I like a salad, very light dressing over romaine, with chick peas, cherry (or maybe grape) tomatoes, a little cucumber and some red onion and a little crumbled cheese (chevre?) Two skewers of nicely grilled vegetables lay over the salad and the presentation was quite lovely. With my dinner I had a glass of Americana’s Semi Dry Riesling. It was a good choice.

There are several good restaurants in the Finger Lakes for gluten intolerant people. The cafe at Americana Vineyards is one of them. Go there! It’s worth it.


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