Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gluten Free in Kona

Wow.  I love Kona.  What an awesome place.

We had a good time at the farmer's market where we got some more of that awesome white pineapple.
Colin passing out from overindulgence in white pineapple. 

We spent the morning at the beach snorkling and eating shave ice, then headed for the nifty Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm.

For lunch, we had done our research, and had mapped the address for the Lotus Cafe, near the airport.  This is an entirely gluten free Asian restaurant!  I worried a little that the children would find it hard to eat here, but they did fine.  My niece, my husband, and I all had chicken fried rice, my daughter had chicken noodle soup, and my son had a salmon soup.  My husband dumped the spices served on the side on top of his meal and discovered that he should have opted for moderation.  He still ate it (nothing slows him down) but he would have preferred it a little less spicy.  All the food was delicious and it was wonderful to eat Asian food without worrying about cross-contamination.

The desserts were not child-friendly.  We had gelato in two flavors (Kona Coffee Fudge and Ginger Vanilla). Both were delicious, but better suited to an adult palate.  Looking over the menu online, I now notice that they have a brownie as well.  I'm not sure if it wasn't available that day, or if we just didn't realize it was an option, but we ended up mollifying the kids by reminding them they had already had shave ice and would be getting ice-cream back on the ship.  They managed to suck it up, somehow.  :-)

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