Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pride of America -- Lazy J Steakhouse

The Lazy J Steakhouse is one of the "surcharge" restaurants on the Pride of America.  While eating in one of the main dining halls is free, there is a $25 cover charge to eat at the steakhouse.

The steak was very good and I enjoyed my meal, however, I do not think it was worth the extra $25.  The Skyline was just as good, if not better, and there was no extra charge for the Skyline.

The bigger problem at the Lazy J was that they did not have a gluten free menu and it took a while for me to convince the waitress and manager (!) to let me speak directly to the chef.  Sure enough, the chef gave me completely different information than the staff did.  He did mark a menu for us with the gluten free items so that it would be less confusing, which I was very grateful for.

They also brought out gluten free bread, which was a nice touch.  The bread itself was very bland (I actually put salt on it!), but the texture was nice, and it was fun to have bread with my meal like a normal person.

I had a 10 oz filet and a baked potato.  I skipped dessert, which was the flourless chocolate cake.  Although the cake was delicious, I had already had it twice at that point, so I opted to save the calories.  Amusingly, they brought out a plate for me with the word "nothing" written in chocolate syrup, since I had ordered "nothing" for dessert.  Cute.

Long-suffering Non-Celiac Spouses at the Steakhouse


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