Saturday, July 16, 2011

Suzanne in the New York Fingerlakes

Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine

One of my favorite restaurants in the Finger Lakes is Suzanne Fine Regional Cuisine in Lodi.  (I always want to say “Suzanne's” rather than “Suzanne” because it doesn't sound right without a possessive.) They are very good about gluten free diets and often their entrees are naturally gluten free. They have twice given me my own tasty gluten free bread as well.

The setting is an old farmhouse overlooking the lake. All the rooms are lovely, but this time we were seated in the library where one wall is all cookbooks, and the other wall is beautiful dishes, mostly in sunny yellows.

On my last visit I was given a tiny pre-dinner appetizer of diced cucumber and dill with Lively Run Goat Farm's chevre. I ordered an appetizer that was called a “tower”, which was a stack of a very sweet crab with mango on a cucumber round. For dinner, I had the sashimi grade tuna. The menu said it came with couscous, but for my dinner it was served with small roasted red skinned potatoes and some slightly crunchy snow peas.

I had a choice of three desserts! I chose the chcolate souffle cake with port infused cherries and a drizzle of crème anglais, over the also tempting coconut crème brulee or my most often chosen dessert, panna cotta which is served with sorbet and fresh fruit in a rhubarb soup. I did not choose badly. The cake was delicious.

At the end when we were so full that we could not possibly eat another thing, the server brought out tiny candies and nut confections. I love Suzanne!


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