Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gluten Free in King of Prussia, PA

We were driving from Philadelphia up to Selinsgrove, to see Mark's grandmother, and we stopped for dinner in King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania, which is near Valley Forge.  One of these days, we should actually stop and see Valley Forge, but it wasn't going to be this day.  Instead, we ate dinner at Maggiano's, an Italian chain-restaurant that offers gluten free pasta.  They don't have a printed GF menu, but they have a corn-based pasta that can be substituted and used with any of their sauces.  Also, they have a "scratch" kitchen, meaning that they make everything there at the restaurant, so they can always make up a batch of something with different ingredients.  They made a fresh Alfredo sauce for me (it's gluten free, but I was worried about cross-contamination) and added chicken.  It was delicious!  They have a neat deal, where for $12.95 you can get any one of the "classic pasta dishes" and get an extra one to take home for tomorrow's dinner.  That is a great deal, but we were traveling without fridges and microwave, so I couldn't take advantage of it.

I should also mention the frozen peach bellini I had -- it was divine!


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