Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gluten Free Shamokin Dam, PA

On our last night in PA, we landed at Tedd's Landing at the intersection of 11 &15 in Shamokin Dam.  We chose this place, despite mixed online reviews, because my in-laws had their rehearsal dinner here.  In the intervening 45 years, some changes have been made to the place, but for the most part, it was as they remembered it.

After I did my usual song and dance with the waitress, they had the chef come out and talk about the menu with me.  Although they don't use a marinade on their meats, they do baste them with butter and soy sauce, so I had to have my meal prepared specially.  I chose pork tenderloin and they cooked it plain.  It was fine, but not exciting.  The baked potato was a little under-done as well, but the applesauce was good, and I ended up dumping it over my pork to counteract the dryness of the meat.  

All in all, not a place I would rush out to try, but if you are stuck on 11 & 15 and looking for a place to eat dinner, this isn't a bad choice.  


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