Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Hotel Edison

My husband has a long standing love affair with the Hotel Edison in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.  Again and again, we keep coming back here, though the rooms are shabby and the restaurant shows it's considerable age, because he loves the Pennsylvania Dutch cooking and the history of this tiny little hotel.

Sunbury, PA was the headquarters for Thomas Edison's Electric Illumination Company in 1883 and, as a result, Sunbury was one of the first towns in the country to have electric lights.  He installed the first successful three-wire electric lighting system in the City Hotel, which was renamed the Hotel Edison in his honor.

The meal was served family style, with big bowls of meats and side dishes.  The first course is waffles and gravy -- about the most celiac unfriendly thing you could possibly imagine.  My traitorous little children gobbled them up while I looked on wistfully.

There were several meats served, but only two were safe for me -- the turkey and the ham.  Their pot roast is cooked in onion soup gravy and the chicken is tossed in flour before it is cooked.  I ate the turkey and ham, as well as mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and cranberry jello salad.  The turkey was a bit dry (no gravy - duh), but everything was tasty.

The staff is very kind and the service was excellent.


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