Sunday, July 19, 2015

GF on Eurostar

For the second leg of our European Vacation, we took the Eurostar Train through the Chunnel from London to Paris.  We bought tickets in Premium Class, which includes larger seats, power outlets, and a meal compared to seats in "Standard."  As near as I can tell, Business Class is really only worth the money if you need to be flexible about your departure time.

I pre-ordered a GF meal, which was effortless, and they brought it to me without needing to be reminded.  They gave me a nice chicken breast with some cold vinegar rice (I'm pretty sure it was meant to be served cold, as the chicken was hot).  I also got some GF bread and a seed cake for dessert.  Hubby liked the seed cake more than I did, and I let him steal it off my plate.  They also gave us some nice wine (it's France, after all!) and the kids got sodas.

We really enjoyed the whole experience on the train through the Chunnel.  We talked it up to the kids so they understood the engineering feat involved in building the Chunnel and how cool it is that we can take a train to cross a body of water.

GF meal on the Eurostar train to Paris

Kids enjoying the chance to charge devices on the train.

Sandy on the Eurostar train from London to Paris


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