Monday, July 20, 2015

The Blue Lagoon at Disneyland Paris

I was really excited to eat at The Blue Lagoon in Disneyland Paris, as I love it's counterpart in Anaheim -- The Blue Bayou.  Both restaurants sit inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Unfortunately, the experience was sorely lacking.  Although the atmosphere was wonderful, the food was not.  Gluten free options were naked fish or naked steak.  I went with naked steak, which was ALMOST as good as the steak I had for 10 Euros at a sidewalk cafe near Notre Dame.  If I'd paid 10 Euros at Blue Lagoon, I would have been fine with it.  For 30 Euros?  No way!

The problem wasn't only with the GF meals either.  No one in our group had a memorable meal.  The presentation was lovely, but the food was both bland and mushy, and the waitstaff were both slow and indifferent.

This meal cost the same amount as our dinner at Auberge Nicolas Flamel, which was a spectacular meal with impeccable service, in a unique setting.

I really expected better from Disney.

Lunch at the Blue Lagoon in Disneyland Paris



  1. I too have eaten there. Great atmosphere, poor food!

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