Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yummy Waffle in Paris

Oh, Yummy Waffle!  How I love thee!

I struck out for dinner at Creperie Beauborg by the Stravinsky Fountain.  They were rumored on the internet to have gluten free gaulettes (buckwheat crepes), but when I talked to our server she told me that their gaulettes have a mixture of wheat and buckwheat.  Sadly this seemed to be the case most places we went.  (We did find one place that advertised gluten free gaulettes, but it was a little shop run by one little old lady trying to make crepes and gaulettes one at a time on her two little griddles.  Tasty, but highly inefficient.)

After my disappointment at the creperie, I was determined to find something tasty for dinner.  Using my Find Me Gluten Free app, I found Yummy Waffle.  The actual name of the place in French is "Bar A Gaufres: Yummy and Guilt-Free."  Gaufres is French for waffle.

Although it wasn't far from our hotel, it was a little difficult to find.  It is tucked inside a shopping area (like a food court) located outside of a department store, but you can't see either from the street!  You have to venture down an alley off the Rue de Temple, between Creperie Cat Man and BHV Marais.  We walked past the alley twice before we found it, but it was totally worth the effort.  Their waffles are large and served on a stick, sort of like a corn dog except much much yummier.  I had both a savory and sweet waffle.  The savory was a Croque Monsieur -- little rosettes of bechamel sauce piped onto each indentation on the waffle, then sprinkled with ham and cheese.  Oh my God!  It was so delicious and so welcome after eating nothing but salads for a couple days.  The chocolate waffle was also divine, but oh, that Croque Monsieur!

The courtyard was loud and crowded and seemed to be attractive to 20-somethings who smoke, and the seating was very limited, but I don't care.  Yummy Yummy Waffle!


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