Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Delta Airlines Gluten Free Meal

We took an International flight from Atlanta to Rome in June 2016 and I requested a gluten free meal from the Delta website.  We were flying Delta Comfort Plus, which is their term for their extra-leg room seats, but it also includes free booze.  Score!

I did receive my gluten free dinner, a gluten free breakfast, and even a gluten free snack!

First of all, it's airline food, so my expectations are low; however, they did a pretty decent job of keeping me fed.

Dinner was a tasty (and hot) chicken dish with veggies, salad, fruit, and a rice cake.  My son is a fan of rice cakes (yuck), so I passed that to him.  There was olive oil for the salad, but not salad dressing.

At snack time, the Normal People got ice cream and pretzels.  I got an apple.  Still, points for thinking of me at all.

Breakfast was a gluten free version of the frittata that the Normals received.  I am not eating eggs right now, so I skipped it, but it would have been a good offering for someone who can eat eggs.  I was not given a yogurt (probably their gf meal is the same as the dairy free meal), so I stole my husband's yogurt.


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