Tuesday, June 21, 2016

GF at Ostia Antica

Our first stop on our fabulous Rome vacation, was the ancient port city of Ostia, a large archaeological site near the Fiumicino airport. It was a perfect destination after a long flight, as it gave us a chance to walk around and really stretch our legs.  One could easily spend all day there, but tired as we were, we lasted about two hours.

Ruins of Ostia Antica

Just outside of the ruins is a tourist trap restaurant called Allo Sbarco di Enea.  It is a cute place filled with statues and other replicas from Roman antiquity, making it a great place to have lunch after a tour through Ostia Antica.  

Colin at Allo Sbarco di Enea

However, they were not very GF friendly.  There was no gluten free pizza or pasta options, so I had a Caprese salad.  Fortunately, it's very difficult to screw up a Caprese salad.  I was told that steak was also an option for me, but I chose to stick with salad.  My fellow diners did not particularly enjoy their meals either, but it was at least a fun place to hang out and cool off.


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