Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dinner in a Castle

Castello della Castelluccia

The lure of staying in a castle prompted us to choose this hotel over ones that were actually in Rome, and I think we made the right decision.  Compared to the luxury hotels in Rome, Castello della Castelluccia was quite affordable.  If you are looking to save money, of course, you are better off at budget hotels, but if you want luxury at a lower price tag, this is the place for you.
Castle Hotel and Restaurant outside Rome

The first night, dinner was served on the grounds of the hotel, in a tented facility that was very lovely, but not part of the actual castle.  That was because the castle was hosting a wedding that night, so the dining room was being used by them.  The ambiance was still very festive and elegant.  

As with most places we went in Italy, they understood what gluten was and knew what items were and weren't gluten free.  Their menu was heavy on seafood, which I don't care for, but that is a personal pickiness issue, not a dietary issue.  The first night I had a steak and potato dish, which was delicious. .
Steak and potatoes at Castello della Castellucia

The second night, we ate in the actual castle dining room.   I was starting to feel irritable because I still had not had any pasta, so I asked my server, and lo and behold -- they could make any of the pasta dishes with GF pasta.  I asked them for spaghetti with a plain marinara sauce, which was not on the menu, but they did it for me anyway.

Spaghetti at Castello della Castellucia

We also ate breakfast at the castle one morning, which the children greatly enjoyed as it seemed to comprise mostly of different kinds of cakes and fruit tarts.  Not particularly GF friendly, but I ate yogurt and poached pears.  


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